truck Insulation: cavity batts, loft rolls, polystyrene, celotex polyurethane, multifoil rolls.

truck Bricks: engineering, LBC rustics, heathers, tudors, and a range of excellent value regrades.

  Orange Gilt   Red gilt   Smoked Orange   Tabasco Red
truck Blocks: celcon standard 100mm, 215mm, concrete 100mm, 215mm, medium density fibolite block 100mm carried in stock, other products available to order.

Block1   Block2
truck Lintels: prestressed concrete lintels 100mmx75mm, 215mmx75mm, precast concrete lintels 150mmx100mm, steel cavity lintel for 50mm, 70mm and 100mm cavities, steel lintels for 215mm solid walls.
truck Plaster: multi finish, bonding, hardwall, easifinish, bonding compound, plaster board, angle bead, stop bead, board bead all carried in stock.
truck Steel: A142 steel mesh sheets, D49 wrapping mesh, reinforcing bars 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 20mm. RSJs available to order.
truck Aggregates: ballast, sharp sand, soft sand, Leighton Buzzard fine sharp, scalpings all available loose, in ton bags or in 35kg bags. 10mm and 20mm shingle in ton bags and 35kg bags. Also we carry a wide range of decorative aggregates, as well as Canterbury Spar and Limestone Chippings.


Chemicals: mortar plasticizer, waterproofer, retarder, frostproofer, SBR, Sika 1.